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Shaping the Future of Education in Digital Age


Join D4A Pulse July edition! This time we are going to discuss how blockchain impacts and transforms the educational system. Our panelists will debate around the actual methodologies for teaching, how those should be changed to fit the rising demand for blockchain experts both tech and non-tech, the increasing interest in educational blockchain related programs in many fields of the economy and other areas, and how institutions are trying to establish the guidelines for an adequate worldwide comprehension of this technology. Learn about how this revolution will affect our educational models and what skills you have to develop to meet the requirements of the tomorrow job market. As usually, we will be having an open discussion together with the leading experts in the field. Listen in and ask your questions!


Prof. Cathy Mulligan, ERA BIG Chair and Director of DCentral at Instituto Técnico Superior

Wim Stalmans, Founding partner at The Blockchain Academy

Virginia Mijes, President of Associació Blockchain de Catalunya


Vasilisa Marinchuk, Director of International Relations at CBCat (Moderator)