D4A Pulse launched with a discussion on the Open Girona pilot and the future of vaccine passes

Yesterday the event Democracy4All in collaboration with the Centre Blockchain de Catalunya (CBCat) and the contribution of BlockW held the first D4A Pulse event.

This first digital encounter, in March, has focused on digital vaccination passes, which are on the agenda of the European Commission as well as globally.

The event presented two panel discussions, both moderated by Vasilisa Marinchuk, CBCat’s Director of International Relations, and the Director of the international blockchain conference Democracy4All.

The first session, entitled “Piloting first COVID pass powered by blockchain (live from Girona)” was dedicated to the vaccine pass pilot happening now in Girona (Catalonia, Spain) and counted with Joan Jou i Buch, as representative of the Chamber of Commerce of Girona, who insisted on the importance of the project for the city, and the involvement of different sectors of activity such as restoration, shops, or different sports and cultural centres, among many others.

Some other participants of the colloquium were Salomé de Cambra, scientific director of the “Obrir Girona” (Open Girona) project, Quirze Salomó, Executive President of the CBCat, the initiator and coordinator of the project, and Darren Toh, CEO of the AOKpass application, supported by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), which will be used for this pilot test.

All contributors have agreed on the importance of privacy that blockchain technology allows, compared to other applications that have been tested around the world. This technology, with its “privacy by design”, ensures that user data only remains on the user’s mobile device and that no person or program can obtain it.

Another important point that has been mentioned is the possibility offered by “Obrir Girona” to make a rapid and effective deployment, first in Catalonia, but later globally. Quirze Salomó has emphasized that “what will happen in Girona may also be a sandbox for the global standards that are being worked on”.

The second panel, under the title “Enabling role of blockchain in digital pass framework”, has gathered professionals from international organizations working closely with the digital identity and heavily involved in the process of global standards development: Ivan Basart, CTO of ValidatedID, Fiona Delaney, CEO and Founder of Origin Chain Networks, Todd Gehrke, Chief architect of ID2020 and Danny Van Roijen, Digital Health Director at COCIR and Co-Chairman at INATBA.

The colloquium, with a more technical profile than the former, has revolved around the technological solutions of digital certificates, especially emphasizing the importance of interoperability for all models currently being developed.

Another highlighted topic was the importance of the European Union’s announcement to be made tomorrow today where, as announced by Ursula Von der Leyen earlier in March, they should give provide more information about the approach and framework for the digital “green pass” which the EC is working on, and which supposedly has to be ready by the summer, to enable cross-border tourism.

The D4A Pulse has a monthly periodicity, focusing each session on the most “hot topics” of the moment, related to blockchain. We will therefore return in April, with another theme and new contributors. Current events and updates can be found on the Democracy4All website.