Record participation in the Democracy4All event, with 500 people attending, and more than 70 speaker

Catalonia hosts the main international congress on technopolitics

Quirze Salomó: "we have to empower the population to prevent big corporations from ruling not only our physical but also our virtual reality

The venue Llotja de Mar has hosted for two days the international reference event in the sector of technopolitics: Democracy4All. The conference was organised by the CBCat (Blockchain Centre of Catalonia), an entity driven in collaboration with the Department of the Vice-Presidency, Digital Policies and Territory of the Government of Catalonia and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce. Half a thousand people, from more than thirty different nationalities, followed the fifty or so conferences and round tables, with the participation of approximately seventy international speakers. The event, in a hybrid format, could be followed both in person and online.

"The purpose of this conference is to discuss the latest developments in politics and technology, especially blockchain," states Quirze Salomó, executive president of the CBCat, "recently, Facebook has announced its intention to become the metaverse of global reference," adds Salomó, "we have been talking about metaverses for some time now, virtual realities that, thanks to new technologies, offer more and more possibilities for leisure, work, social relations... the important issue here is to see who is in charge of these virtual realities: we have to empower the population, to prevent large corporations from ruling not only our physical reality, but also the virtual one, the metaverse".

The conference was inaugurated on Thursday by Daniel Marco, Director General of Innovation and Digital Economy of the Government of Catalonia, who said that "the Blockchain Strategy of Catalonia puts people at the centre; we want to offer our citizens the skills and digital tools to be the protagonists of the digital transformation, and blockchain technology is a very powerful tool in this regard. Blockchain brings us a new governance for the digital society, empowering citizens, facilitating their participation and giving them back control of their data.

The second day was presented by Mònica Roca i Aparici, President of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, who stressed the great opportunity that Democracy4All represents for Catalonia, "allowing us to host the most important international meeting for politicians and organisations from all over the world. It allows us to accelerate the dialogue between governments, institutions and new technologies". Roca also remarked that "the CBCat, as an entity of reference in the country that works to promote blockchain technology, has the clear objective of making Catalonia an international point of reference for companies and technological talent.

More than seventy speakers took the stage at Democracy4All, including John Denton, Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Helen Köpman, leader of the blockchain and innovation unit of the European Commission, and Vit Jedlicka, president of the Liberland micronation. In addition, there were representatives from more than a hundred companies, both local (Vocdoni, Validated ID and Scytl) and international (Nozama, Decentology and BSV Blockchain). The organisation of Democracy4All celebrates the success of participation and attendance, and has announced that it intends to grow even more next year.