What is D4A for you? By Fernanda Accorsi (Plastiks)

The Democracy4All International Conference is yearly held in the beautiful city of Barcelona, where leading figures discussed and debated on the latest advances in blockchain technology and its regulation.

Fernanda Accorsi, head of marketing and communications at Plastiks (Nozama Green) was one of the attendees and here is what D4A meant for her:

“Hello everybody! Fans and attendees of Democracy4All in Catalonia, or perhaps just curious minds. I am Fernanda Accorsi, the head of marketing and communications at Plastiks. I actually got the chance to meet the hole entire team of my current project during the Democracy4All event in 2021. So, as you can see, I was able to meet very interesting people, insightful projects, learn even more about the sector and about blockchain and the utilities that we can build with it, so please don’t miss the next edition of it. See you there!” As you can see, Democracy4All offers many opportunities for anyone interested in the blockchain technology sector. Do not hesitate to attend if you want to learn more about it and meet different experts in the field.

More information: https://www.d4a.io/

Buy your tickets now: https://www.d4a.io/tickets-d4a