Democracy4All is a place to get hands-on in understanding how blockchain technology can improve governance in general. For that reason, one of the main activities that take place during the conference are workshops, to which all attendees are able to participate in.


But... what is a workshop? Our workshops are basically meetings organized to inform a group of people about a specific topic, or to teach a specific skill. Experts are invited to speak on several topics regarding democracy and decentralized technologies. 

How do I subscribe to attend a workshop? You will be able to book a spot to attend the workshops you are interested in through our application Whova, which will be available a few weeks before the start of the event. Subscribe to our newsletter to be updated!


This year's workshops are the following:  

Thursday 11th November

The State of the European Blockchain Ecosystem 


Invited expert:

Lambis Dionysopoulos EUBOF, Institute for the Future, University of Nicosia

Transformation Toolset - DLT and blockchain

Fiona delaney_edited.jpg
Caroline Thomas.jpeg

Invited experts:

Fiona Delaney, CEO and Founder at Origin Chain Networks

Caroline Thomas, board advisor, CEO and Founder of Objective Technologies Global Group

Friday 12th November

Energy Efficiency of Blockchain technologies


Invited expert:

Dr. Ioannis Vlachos, EUBOF, INTRASOFT International

Demystifying NFTs


Invited expert:

Nikolaos Kostopoulos, EUBOF, INTRASOFT International